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Principal: Paul Sevigny

Years in Business: 14

Lawn care services in Concord NH


More Than Just Lawn Care Services in Concord NH!

They are not just in Maine, and they do more than grass! For over seven years, Mainely Grass has been providing the best lawn care services in Concord New Hampshire with over 20 lawn care technicians on the road every day.

More than a lawn fertilization service, this company provides tree and shrub spraying services and a tick and mosquito control program that is unmatched by any competitors.

Lawn Care Services 

As a New England-based company, Mainely Grass chose to grow their business slowly and steadily, one satisfied customer at a time.

Lawn care services. The five-step lawn care program Mainely Grass uses is designed specifically for New England lawns. From the iron-infused fertilizer that brings a deep green color in the spring, to continual weed control throughout the season, to perfectly timed grub controls - Mainely Grass guarantees you will be thrilled with your lawn, or they will work with you at no cost until you are satisfied.  Your personal lawn care technician is well-trained, and is continually monitoring the condition of your lawn throughout the season.

Concord NH Lawn Services 

Shrub spraying services Concord area

 DeerTick Concord NH

Tree and shrub spraying program. Trees and shrubs never  seem to get as much attention as the lawn does. But landscape plants have a host of pest problems all their own. These insects and foliar diseases weaken plants to the point where they stop growing and eventually die. Mainely Grass has a six step plant care program that stops the infestation of harmful insects and diseases, as well as providing a nutrient rich, liquid fertilizer that is injected directly into the root zone of your plants. You will be amazed at the difference just one season of pampering will do for your trees and shrubs!

Tick and mosquito control. You should be able to enjoy your yard without the invasion of these bloodsuckers. Concord New Hampshire has seen an increase in Lyme disease cases and viruses carried through mosquitoes. Tick and mosquito spraying services have become almost a necessity here.

Mainely Grass  visits your property three times a year, applying tick barriers to not only the perimeter of your yard, but to the turf grass where ticks hide as well.  Mainely Grass guarantees that your yard will be tick free in the areas they treat with their tick controls. Their mosquito control is a six step program that will significantly reduce the problem. Do you have a special backyard event coming up? Mainely Grass can accommodate you with a service call with a few days notice.

Find out why Mainely Grass is Concord New Hampshire's best-kept secret for lawn care services, and all your outdoor pest control needs!

Mainely Grass Concord location provides all services to both residential and commercial clients in greater Concord, Bow, Tilton and Weare areas